Stuck on Repeat

We're two small town girls filled with a big time obsession of music. We're living vicariously through the beautifully crafted lyrics and melodies of the best musicians of today and tomorrow. This is where we, as best friends, will spread our love of music as well as tell you what we've had stuck on repeat.

As usual Tyler Ward flawlessly covers Set Fire To The Rain.


 - One Direction

 - One Direction

These girls are incredible! Give them a listen!


The Weekly Ten

First off, we would like to say how sorry we are for being missing. Our schedules have been super busy! But to make it up, we decided to bring back the weekly ten which features both of our top five songs. If haven’t heard of any of these songs, be sure to check them out!

Amanda’s Picks:

1. You Don’t See Me- SafetySuit

I fell in love with SafetySuit about two years ago so when I found out their new album would be released, I was psyched to say the least. However, I found their album to have a more commercial sound which I wasn’t crazy about but this bonus track completely made up for it. This song is beautiful and it reminds me of the old SafetySuit. Love it!

2. By Now- Marianas Trench

I have been raving about Marianas Trench for weeks now. They are definitely my favorite band right now. Their newest album, Ever After is a masterpiece. From start to finish, this album tells a story and literally every song is amazing. The emotion and power in their music is unbelievable.I found it difficult to pick a song but ‘By Now’ is one of my favorites! You should also check out Ever After, Stutter and So Soon! This band is the new face for pop music!

3. I Won’t Give Up- Jason Mraz

When I first heard this song, I melted. I’m a sucker for Jason Mraz; his voice, his looks and his lyrics get me every time. I love the idea of this song and I think every person in the world, no matter how young or old can relate to this song. I can not wait for his new album.

4. Cripple Me- Elenowen

If you watched The Voice, you may remember the pop duo, Elenowen. They were the young couple who had no money but a big dream to become the biggest husband and wife duo. Well, I loved them. I loved the tone in their voices and their passion. Unfortunately, they were voted off fairly early but I did find some old music they recorded. I found this song ‘Cripple Me’ and I couldn’t get over how beautiful their voices sound together. I love it!

5. Kiss The Stars- Pixie Lott

This has been my favorite dancey, pop song for the last few weeks. I think the lyrics are cheeky and cute but Pixie still sounds incredible. I really hope Pixie comes to America so more people can witness this talent. She’s amazing!

Jenna’s Picks:

6. Fake ID - Big & Rich (featuring Gretchen Wilson)

This song is on the Footloose Soundtrack and in the movie it is probably one of the most upbeat songs. Whenever I play this song it just makes it feel like summer. I literally cannot wait to blast this one on the way to the beach this summer. Such a fun track!

7. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding

Ever since I saw Ellie Goulding live this past fall I am obsessed with her. If you ever have the opportunity to see her live , you will be so impressed. She sounds exactly like she does on her album when she sings live. That is talent! 

8. The Loveliest - Hello Hollywood

Hello Hollywood is one the those bands that I am in desperate need to see live. The new music that they released is some of the best yet. This band has grown so much and they have a bright future. Give them a listen if you haven’t heard of them before.

9. Crashin’ - Jack’s Mannequin

Anything Jack’s Mannequin touches is gold. I am obsessed with any Jack’s Mannequin. This is one of favorites. I have been listening to this a lot just to chill out after a stressful school day. So good!

10. One Thing - One Direction

Recently Amanda and I discovered England biggest pop sensation and fell in love. We can not wait until March 20th for the US release of Up All Night. We will certainly be covering that! Check them out and try not to fall in love with them…. 

Love ma girl Nicki! She kills this!


I have been listening to Marianas Trench’s new album, Ever After, since the day it came out and I’m still in love! This is definitely a great new band to check out!


All of these boys are why I believe that Britain will have a major radio invasion soon enough in America. So talented …. and good looking ;D


Who is already obsessed with Casadee Pope’s solo project? This girl. 

Check out this sneak peek of a song she might release.


Even though I am not a fan of this video, the song is still amazing! Check it out!


God. I realized I haven’t posted anything in forever. Sorry! Anyways, check this awesome duet between Kelly Clarkson & Blake Shelton! Loving it!


This is my favorite song right now and Christina Grimmie covered it perfectly. Like always..


How did I just find this?! Adele’s cover of Cheryl Cole’s hit song ‘Promise This’ is beautiful!


This is amazing! Demi would be proud!


This is so sick! Loving this!